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I can never sit like a lady.

I do have two arms. Not sure, however, where the other one is.

Title: An Escort’s Guide To The Galaxy-From Fraternity To Beyond
Word Count:
Pages: 160
Genre: Erotic
Full Name: Daria X
Mailing Address:
Number: 0039 3281769818 (My working number)
dariax@hotmail.co.uk (My working e-mail address)

I am an escort working from Rome, having also been an escort in the UK. I  do know there are many books on the subject of sex and prostitution etc and also realise that there are many colleagues wanting to tell their tales too. So what have I written that is new?

For one thing my tale is not about a woman being forced to sell her body. I have never worked when I did not want to and have never worked to pay the basic bills. I made a career choice that would enable me to have what I felt was a normal life. That is, stay home, pick the kids up from school and drop them off at their clubs and friends. An escort’s world is a convenient one. You work when you want and you get paid exceedingly well for a few hours work a day.

It is, however, a life full of contradictions and it was these contradictions that I wanted to explore. I also wanted to write about the fantasies that I hear and read about on a daily basis. I wanted to write about them and add a little fantasy myself. Hence the title.

The title was taken from an English radio series from the 70s I think. The book itself looks at life in Rome, life as an escort and also the sex industry from outside our world. It was fun writing and I, quite naturally, think it is a good read too.

What do we do next?

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